Best Ways to Improve the Instagram Account Engagement with the Help of Stories

Your presence on this article shows that you are running an Instagram account but can’t get sustainable engagement, or the account is continuously decreasing its engagement on the internet. If the answer is yes, then you want a better solution for that.

Due to these reasons, we have created this article to solve all of your problems and issues today. We can understand that it will become a horrible experience for you whenever you are not getting good results on Instagram. However, you don’t have to lose hope and still need to work upon your account.

Things will get on board again when you deliberately work on the tips and tricks. For those reasons, we will talk about the best feature of Instagram that can provide you with better results. Yes, we are talking about Instagram Stories.

It’s one of the lethal weapons that you can use to improve the engagement of your profile. Moreover, it’s also the same feature where people have to spend most of their time on Instagram. Therefore, you need to know about every essential trick for this standalone feature.

Tip no 1:

The first and most outstanding tip for you is to go live on Instagram. Many business owners and celebrities also go live on their account to interact with their fans directly. For celebrities, it’s also the same algorithm to use the platform and get better engagement. Otherwise, the results will never remain the same.

You should do as a random business, brand, or product owner to host live sessions on your account. In the initial stages, people might not connect well with your live sessions. However, you will get the ultimate results whenever you keep this thing going at a rapid pace.

Answer all the questions of a person or viewer who tends to come on your live sessions. Any big announcement or informational content needs to be host in the live sessions. Therefore, you will get the right amount of engagement for your account.

On top of that, a new option is introduced in the platform for the account owner to share their live sessions on stories if anyone body who missed the live session could easily see it by considering the stories option.

In this way, you would get more engagement and views on your account, which will help you a lot in the long term. You can also follow other celebrities or stars regarding saving the live session on stories. In this way, you would attain lots of benefits for yourself.

Tip no 2:

The second tip for you is to use Instagram REELS and IGTV feature. It’s the feature that allows you to post short and longer format videos on your account. You can include lots of great information on your videos that can help you a lot in the long term.

Anyone who would see the content will get a lot of knowledge. More engagement means you will get more likes, comments, views, and followers on your account. Apart from that, you can post about the same IGTV and Reels content on your Instagram; it will also help you grab viewers’ attention who didn’t saw your video content yet on Instagram.

Tip no 3:

Last but not least, you have the option to buy Instagram story views to attain positive results for yourself. In the initial stages, things might not get more comfortable for you to accomplish. Therefore, you can take the help of paid views that can help out to improve the engagement of the post and then the account.

When more people view your stories, it will help you to increase its reach. When the reach increases, the possibilities are higher that you will attain more followers for the account.